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People are constantly moving to Alaska and if they aren’t moving here they are visiting our great state at over 1 million people every single year. Many of those people love our state so much that they actually move here. Anchorage has a large growing population and if you are new to our state and our area then you know how difficult it can be to feel like you fit in.

We have a influx of new families coming to our dental practice because they have been referred to our practice by other friends, families or neighbors. We love that people trust our dental office and would refer new people to us.

Besides looking at online reviews and asking your social following for references there are a few things you should look into before choosing a family dentist.

The following are what we would look for in a dentist office:

  • Updated Equipment

No matter what dental office you go to they will all offer nearly the same services but not all will have the same equipment. Does your dentist still use a metal scraping tool to scrap the tartar off your teeth? Did you know this can be painful and many patients actually avoid the dentist because of this tool. What if I told you there is another way, a water scraping tool that is less abrasive and does not cause as much scraping noise? New procedures and equipemtn are coming into the dental market. For example, get rid of the metal braces and replace that with 3D printed trays that get you the same results as invisalign.

Dental implants are also a procedure that has been around for awhile but not all dental practices offer this type of service.